Integrated Scan-to-Model Platform

Cloud-based Platform

Enterprise-grade, purpose-built cloud platform hosted on Microsoft Azure

Lossless and re-startable file compression and acceleration to upload and share massive files faster
Respects jurisdictional data sovereignty (data never leaves the specified country)
Defence-grade security with each asset stored in its own containerized unit
Ability to move files to warm or cold storage for long-term retention and reduced hosting costs

AI-generated Models

Automated generation of models from scans and imagery using artificial intelligence

Massing models for energy audits
2D computer-aided design (CAD) floor plans
3D architectural building information models (BIM)
Asset inventories

Built-in Viewers

Built-in viewer for industry standard file types; building information is accessible to facility managers and other users that don’t have specialized scan and BIM software

LiDAR point cloud scan viewer
CAD and BIM viewers
Imagery walk-throughs
Tools to measure and annotate within scans

API Integrations

Integrations for industry-standard devices and applications, and API for downstream ecosystem innovation and development


Virtual Machines

The virtual machines scales to meet any performance requirement, saving customers the expense of computers, storage and hardware

On-demand processing power eliminates the need to invest in and maintain expensive equipment required to process extremely large point-cloud scan and model data
Applications installed on the virtual machines stay in a specified jurisdiction; data sovereignty is assured and data does not leave the jurisdiction 
Users can login and use the applications and data from anywhere. No downloads are required, the environment is more secure and data loss is reduced
Centralized user and license monitoring and control