Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do I sign up?

The builtstream platform is currently in pre-release phase. You can sign up for release updates here. If you’re interested in being part of the test phase, drop us a line here.

Who is builtstream for? 

The builstream platform is designed and built for real-property sectors including scanning professionals, architecture and engineering firms, building portfolio owner and facility management firms. In addition to design, re-design and built, builtstream-generated models will have application for appraisal, insurance, assessment, energy modelling, emergency planning and retail.

Who is using it right now? 

Currently, 35 people from five organization use the builtstream platform to upload, view and share point clouds as part of a real-world project. In addition, some of these partners provide data to help train builtstream’s AI modelling engine. If you have non-proprietary data (point clouds and models) you can share, drop us a line.

How much does it cost? 

Platform pricing will include packages for solo, small, medium and enterprise-sized organizations. Pricing will be based on use of hot/cold storage, data transfer and modelling. To be included in release information, sign up here.

How do I become an investor? 

Qualified investors are welcome to contact builtstream at

Are you hiring? 

builtstream is growing. When positions become available, they will be posted here on our careers page at Indeed. Check back for new opportunities.

What about modelling? 

builtstream will automate creation of digital models from the source data (i.e., point clouds from LiDAR scans or imagery). The intent is to facilitate “push-button” models of various densities and intensities so that the use of models is more widespread and less costly. For instance, need a 2D floor plan? Upload a scan from your phone, select 2D and builtstream outputs the model. How about a 3D BIM? Upload the point cloud, select the model type and output a BIM. Modelling services are scheduled to come online in Q2, 2023. To be included in release information, sign up here.

What are your file-size limits? 

There aren’t any. builtstream is purpose-built to handle massive, visualization files. The platform supports field-to-BIM with lossless file compression, and re-startable, accelerated upload/download. Current test limits include files as large as 371GB but the platform is designed to work with files size in the Terabytes. (Say goodbye to hard-drives and couriers!) 

Do you adhere to industry standards? 

Yes. The builstream platform is intended to enable the broadest possible technical usage. As such, it’s designed to be file agnostic, use industry-standard formats (e.g., IFC) and enable model standardization requirements (e.g., BIM ISO 19650).  

My portfolio includes other types of structures, can you do that? 

That’s the plan! Visualization data and automated modelling can extend from buildings to other structures and industries; it’s totally possible to scan and build models of bridges, dams, ships or aircraft. Likewise, there are applications for digital modelling in entertainment (film, gaming), surveying, NFT real estate and more. The builtstream platform is designed to extend to a variety of other uses and sectors.