builtstream helps real-property stakeholders tap into the powerful potential of digital building models. The purpose-built platform and SaaS services enable architects, owners, surveyors and others to rapidly transform point-cloud data into engineering-grade 2D and 3D CAD and BIM. The resulting models can be used ensure design and build accuracy, gain visibility into operations and lower costs at any phase of a building’s lifecycle.


Platform Services

Today, conversion of point-cloud data into usable formats is manual, time consuming and costly. builtstream’s powerful platform changes the status quo and makes digital building models and information accessible, fast and secure.

Integrated Platform

Designed to solve the challenges of managing and sharing extremely large files.

Automated model generation

AI-driven, automatic conversion of point-cloud files to 2D floorplans, 3D Building Information Models (BIM), massing models and more.

Accessible Viewers

Built-in viewers enable users and collaborators to view the most common industry-standard file types.

Industry Integration

Robust API integration with best-in-class industry tools and software combined with virtual machines makes it easy for users to integrate builstream into existing workflows.

The Built World Goes Digital

Purpose Built Models

Digital models give users visibility into brick-and-mortar and greater control over systems, operations, workflows and plans. The applications for real-property industries are broad.


Re-designing a space starting with an accurate, existing condition 3D BIM has been proven to significantly improve the process, reduce errors and shorten timelines.

Construction Management

Cost and waste reduction are just two of the benefits of use of models during construction. Who wouldn’t want to reduce unbudgeted project changes by 40%?

Carbon Emissions Reduction

The world’s four billion buildings are responsible for about 40% of global CO2 emissions. Models can help optimize energy use and reduction.  

Appraisal & Assessment​

New, low-cost scanners facilitate rapid, on-site scanning and – with builtstream – swift generation of 2D floor plan models.

Asset Inventory & Insurance​

Not just buildings! Scan objects and generate inventory reports, develop Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing (MEP) models and more! 

Retail Planning

Map the mall, or plan retail flows using detailed 3D models, object inventories and historical shopper data.

Building Data and Models in the Cloud

Robust Security & Privacy

Upload, model, share, collaborate with confidence on the builtstream platform. Defence-level security is supported by jurisdictional data sovereignty. Data stays safe, and where it needs to be at all times.

Best Practices

Data privacy and sovereignty support
Secured access to data
Enterprise user management
Open standards support
You own your data

Partners & Advisors