Built-Asset Data Management and Model Automation

builtstream is a SaaS platform offering an integrated, automated process for creating engineering-grade, intelligent 3D digital twins of buildings and other structures. ISO standard building information models (BIM) are constructed from laser scans and image data uploaded to the platform. The technology uses proprietary algorithms and AI to automate the model-creation process.

The builtstream platform enables building designers, developers, builders, landlords, property managers and collaborators to share, annotate, update and analyze building models in real time. It provides visibility into building structures, systems and performance, minimizes construction and management costs, and optimizes built-asset data management.

The builtstream team

A group of visionary tech entrepreneurs with extensive software development, reality capture and real-property experience.​


point-cloud transfer

seamless transfer of e57 files and big data to builtstream's platform

always accessible

2D, BIM, other models types and data are hosted and available any time

automated BIM creation

proprietary ai and ml engine classifies and segments images

easy to share & collaborate

teams and suppliers can update models with the latest scans and data

annotation & IoT integration

BIMs are auto-annotated with object, sensor, camera other other data


changes are added to the BIM, creating a true digital twin